A fair wage for good work

As a member of the employers' association of personnel service providers (BAP) we employ the recognised wage agreements of the BZA – DGB bargaining association. Our employees therefore benefit from many advantages and additional benefits.

  • Our temporary workers are fundamentally permanent employees who are paid even during periods when they do not work.
  • Our temporary workers are paid bonuses when they work at night, on Sundays or on public holidays.
  • If our temporary workers work for the same company for more than 9 months, they will receive additional deployment-specific bonuses.
  • Depending on qualification, we may pay above the general pay scale.
  • We also give our temporary workers holiday pay and a Christmas bonus.
  • Remuneration is based on the place-of-deployment principle.
  • We pay a travel allowance if there is a long commute. 
  • We offer our employees an occupational pension scheme.

For more information about collective agreement conditions and the latest payment tables, please consult the tariff brochure of the BZA.

DIEpA is a member of BAP (Employers' association of staff service providers)

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