Social security

Our focus is on people

Security is one of our basic needs: it covers everything from a roof over your head, law and order, protection against danger, and all the way to a fair income that is paid in time.

We do what we can to provide our employees with security. Since the company's foundation in 1995, have given our employees a home away from home, we pay attractive wages in time, give above-pay scale allowances and special bonuses.

As much as possible, we strive to create a working environment in which our employees are able to develop in accordance with their needs and wishes. Because providing a good service means being passionate. A good job with security: This applies to all employees of DIEpA.

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Wir gratulieren unseren Mitarbeitern zu ihren Jubiläen!

In den vergangenen Monaten feierten wieder viele unserer Mitarbeiter ihre langjährige Arbeit bei der DIEpA.

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Die Stimmung beim Thüringer Unternehmenslauf war sehr positiv und friedlich. Die DIEpA-interne Rekordzeit stellte Silke Reinhardt auf.

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