A good job with safety

As a human resources service provider, we are greatly responsible for the economic success of our clients and for the well-being of our employees. The name "Die p. A. – GmbH" always stands for quality and reliability in the provision of temporary workers and thus for a trend-setting new way of working.

People are a company's most important asset. Careful selection processes, targeted training and a good work climate are preconditions for efficiency. Health and safety at work is an integral part of our work and we organise it together with our clients.


As a commercial enterprise and employer, our company faces up to its social responsibilities. We offer our employees interesting places of work with prospects and the opportunity for personal contribution and development. We keep an eye on the future of our company and on our younger generation and provide training opportunities.

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DIEpA in Zahlen

Ganz schön was zu tun, denn jeden Tag haben wir 4,2…

DIEpA in Zahlen

Stand heute sind 1536…

DIEpA in Zahlen

Im Jahr 2016 haben wir 4560...

DIEpA startet erfolgreich durch

Die Stimmung beim Thüringer Unternehmenslauf war sehr positiv und friedlich. Die DIEpA-interne Rekordzeit stellte Silke Reinhardt auf.

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