A fair wage for good work

As a member of the employers' association of personnel service providers (BAP) we employ the recognised wage agreements of the BZA – DGB bargaining association. Our employees therefore benefit from many advantages and additional benefits.

  • Our temporary workers are fundamentally permanent employees who are paid even during periods when they do not work.
  • Our temporary workers are paid bonuses when they work at night, on Sundays or on public holidays.
  • If our temporary workers work for the same company for more than 9 months, they will receive additional deployment-specific bonuses.
  • Depending on qualification, we may pay above the general pay scale.
  • We also give our temporary workers holiday pay and a Christmas bonus.
  • Remuneration is based on the place-of-deployment principle.
  • We pay a travel allowance if there is a long commute. 
  • We offer our employees an occupational pension scheme.

For more information about collective agreement conditions and the latest payment tables, please consult the tariff brochure of the BZA.

DIEpA is a member of BAP (Employers' association of staff service providers)

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Alles Gute, Michael Peters!

Am 11. Juni feierte Michael Peters seinen 60. Geburtstag. Grund Genug für uns, unserem langjährigen Mitarbeiter ganz herzlich zu gratulieren.

DIEPA gibt laufend ihr Bestes!

Die letzten Tage hieß es bei uns wieder: „Raus aus der Business-Kleidung und rein in die Turnschuhe und Lauf-Shirts!“ Wir waren beim Firmenstaffellauf in Magdeburg am Start... und irgendwann auch im Ziel!

DIEPA-Familienfest in Magdeburg

Letzten Samstag verbrachten wir einen schönen Tag mit unseren Familien – und bauten ganz nebenbei noch unsere eigene Sitzecke.

Großes DIEPA-WM-Tippspiel!

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