Socially responsible staff downsizing

You are faced with a situation where, for economic or structural reason, you have to let some of your staff go. We can be your competent partner here too.

We analyse your personnel, draw up skills profiles and develop a functional transfer strategy together with you. Your staff will then become part of our pool of trained workers.

In the best case, your (former) employees will be able to make a smooth transition to a new chapter in their lives. You score points with the public by implementing a socially responsible staff downsizing policy and motivate your remaining staff members by demonstrating your concern for their welfare even when you have to lay them off.

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Immer sicher in besten Händen, mit zertifiziertem Arbeitsschutz

Motivierte Fachkräfte in einem sympathischen Team, Top Employer DIEPA

Immer die richtigen Leute im richtigen Einsatz, Dank Qualitätsmanagement