Classic temporary employment

Your guarantee for flexible production and service processes

Every day, employees are working to meet the needs of company as best they can. Order volume fluctuations, illness and other downtime always poses the same challenge: you need qualified staff that you can employ whenever the situation requires it. We provide such qualified staff in the form of temporary workers. We have personnel resources in the areas of industry, commerce, medicine and engineering.

This way, temporary staff is worth your while

In order to ensure the necessary production hours in the company you need excess personnel capacities in order to compensate for outages and absences quickly and easily. This incurs additional expenses. When you take advantage of temporary workers, some of these costs no longer apply because DIEpA ensures that these production hours are not lost. With our internal pool of skilled workers, the relevant positions can be filled with our temporary staff quickly and easily. Our office staff is happy to calculate for you how using temporary workers affects your company. Please contact one of our branches near you.

Immer sicher in besten Händen, mit zertifiziertem Arbeitsschutz

Motivierte Fachkräfte in einem sympathischen Team, Top Employer DIEPA

Immer die richtigen Leute im richtigen Einsatz, Dank Qualitätsmanagement